Download 1,000,000,000 digits of PI.

Warning: 1,000,000,000 digits of pi is very large. The compressed file is at least a 500mb download, and the uncompressed file takes up 1.3Gb. Although pi is stored in the standard .txt format, it may be too large for Notapad or other text editors to open unless you have a large amount of memory on your computer. is not responsible for any errors, crashes or data loss that may be caused by attempting to download or open any of these files. Please do not attempt to print this file because it will be over 370,000 pages long (about 1.8 times as long as the United States Code of Federal Regulations), and it will kill about 4.6 trees. It would also take 8.6 days on a 30ppm laser printer.

I highly recommend downloading the 7-zip format because it it 17% smaller than the zip format. 7-zip is a free open source compression program that you can download from their website.

Download 1 billion digits of PI:
7-zip format [490Mb (smallest)]
Zip format [592Mb] | reddit
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